Terms and conditions of use

The items you can see in this website are depicted in detail, always trying to highlight the possible flaws (when there are such), rather than hiding them.

If once you receive your item and it doesn't satisfy you, we'd take it back or we'd change it for another item, same value. If there is no possible solution of your convenience, we'd send your money back, once we get the item back. Pay attention: you would pay the shipping costs. We only give you back the money you paid for the item.

When payment is done through Paypal, a 5% tax will be added to the total amount (Paypal politics!). Payments with credit card or bank transfers, won't have any kind of extra costs or taxes.

You should/can also check our shipping conditions tab.

Before buying any item, please, do read carefully its description and patiently have a look at the photos accompanying the text. If you need more photos of one or several items, or if you need to know more information about it, please, do not hesitate to contact us, via e-mail or phone. We'd be glad to help you.

We remind you that we do not sell any new items, all of them are collectible (2nd hand) and cannot be found in shops currently.

We do our best to find uncommon photographic objects that can be interesting. If you do not find what you are looking for, let us know about it: it could be in our stock (not yet listed here) or we could even look for it on your behalf.

The pictures you can see in this website belong to us, and no third party can use them without our permission.

Several times a year we assist to analogue photographic fairs/events. Dates will be published in this website and our facebook. We will always be at your disposal and we'll be very glad to meet you during these events, whether they are held in France or Spain.

Please, do not forget our services: repair service, photographic advice, buy and sell service, valuation of your material, etc.

In order to contact us:

E-mail : info@camerasetvoila.com

Phone number : +33(0)686951156 (France), +34651387484 (Spain).

We speak French, English, Spanish, Catalan and a bit of Italian!

We are open to hear any kind of surprising, weird and uncommon proposal, since “boredom was born from uniformity”.