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Box camera, 120 format. German. 6x9 cm negatives. 


The special thing about this camera is the way it opens: unlike other box cameras that open from the back, this one opens from the side, as you can see in the pictures. This makes it much easier to load the film. 


Fixed speed shutter: 3 f-stops to choose from. 


It is also worth noting that this camera has two names: Zeiss Ikon on the front and Ernemann on the side. This makes it possible to date it to 1926, when the Zeiss Ikon brand was created. 


It does not have the reel that receives the film, however, you can get it when you develop your next 120 film. 


Camera in good condition, although the corners show signs of wear. 


An unusual camera that can still be used today, if you want to have fun taking pictures with it.

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